Tony Entertainment & Management Ltd (Trading as The Undercover Singers)

An agreement made between the client of the first part,

and ‘Tony Entertainment & Management Ltd’, (hereinafter called the Agent) of the second part.

Witness that the agent hereby engages the client and the agent accepts an engagement to present the following at the Venue and from the dates of the periods and at the fees stated in the schedule hereto;


Cancellation of this Contract shall be as follows;

  1. More than 14 days after the agreement is made; No refund will become payable. 
  2. 30 days from the performance date; The FULL Fee will be payable. 
  3. The Agent agrees that the fee is inclusive of all expenses, travelling expenses to and from the venue and covers any payments whatsoever.
  4. The Client agrees that any further engagements offered to the Agent as a result of this engagement, whether from the Client on this contract or any other Client or potential Client, shall be negotiated through the Agent head office not the Artiste of the day. 
  5. The Agent warrants that all equipment is in good working order, and fit for its purpose, and that no part of the performance is likely to be a danger to the Artiste/s or any other person/s. 
  6. The adjustment of the volume and sound level of any equipment shall be as the Client reasonably requires. 
  7. No refund shall be payable to the Client for any day upon which this engagement shall be suspended by reason of Royal Demise, National Mourning, Fire, Epidemic, War, Strikes, lockout or by reason of order of any Licensing or Public Authority. 
  8. The Agent at the time of signing this contract shall not be under any contract to a third party that might preclude them from fulfilling the engagement.
  9. The Client shall be responsible for the provision of mains electricity in the performing area. 
  10. All deposits paid are non-refundable.
  11. FULL payment made is non-refundable 14 days after the making of any payment. 
  12. This contract reflecting the terms and conditions as verbally agreed shall be deemed accepted only when either; a) It is signed and returned in 7 days. 
    b) It is not exchanged within the prescribed 7 days and no written objection has been made within its period.

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